Wood or stone carving & sculpture. Custom hand carved signs with gold leafing & sand finishes. Figureheads. Carved furniture.  Commissioned artwork.

Wood or Stone Carving and sculptre. Custom Hand -Carved Signs with Gold Leaf & Sand Finishes. Commissioned Artwork.




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David Clarke In the last 40 years, I have balanced my study of modern painting and sculpture with commissioned woodcarving.  The carved sign business has been stable and there have been many opportunities for public carved sculpture including furniture, interiors, figureheads and classic cigar store figures. During this time I have also created props and painted backdrops for theater.

My personal art ranges from realism, surrealism, abstract and expressionism,  moving into many styles of post modernism with emphasis on the figure.  I  Sincerely hope you will find these various images interesting!


Hand Carved Wood signs with gold leaf and sand finishes

High Quality Sculpture and Painting


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